A icons set which attempts to harmonize and customize around thirty files types often used with an original flavor.


This first attempt to build new icons using vector paths aims to homogenize some files types often used, but far away from some graphical main streams which often give a family resemblance too strong, like did fashions of Aqua-like or Vista-like.

The objective behind the project can be summarized in three basic principles:

  1. to employ alternatives of dissimilar colors according to the format: open, vendor or system
  2. to use three various sizes according to the type: images or drawings, documents, and simple files
  3. to not need using text to indicate the extension name: the illustration must suffice to herself

As the result seems very sober and static, the set was accordingly called Stoa —in reference to stoical philosophers, who took their name from a particular gate which is spelled στοά in Greek.


Version 1 (2007)

02.  Version 1.1

The Stoa set is now completed with ICNS version of the icons and the whole archive is now compressed using the 7z archive format.

Version 1.1

01.  Version 1.0

This first release proposes thirty-four icons for Windows, four different ratios included —from 128×128 to 16×16 pixels. All icons are entirely original and created using vector paths.


Stoa 1.1
This release contains 34 different icons, including the following variants:
— 1. ICO format (16×16 · 32×32 · 48×48 · 128×128 pixels)
— 2. ICNS format (16×16 · 32×32 · 48×48 · 128×128 pixels)
Download the 7Z file (649,58 Kio)