Crystal GUZ

An icons set designed to be used with the archive management software UltimateZip and that can be considered as an addition to the Crystal collection.


The Crystal GUZ set contains icons for archive or compressed files which can be associated with UltimateZipGUZ stands for “GizMecano for UltimateZip”—, whose two bonus icons —one for the SIT format and one for the XPI format.

This collection of eighteen icons can be considered as kind of addition to the well-known Crystal SVG set: indeed, they are built —with the authorization of the author who considers his work as “free for non commercial project”— using some simple layers conceived from patterns drawn by Everaldo Coelho in this well-known set —except the pseudo-Amiga logo.


Version 1 (2006–2007)

02.  Version 1.1

Exactly one year after an initial appearance, the Crystal GUZ set is completed with addition of formats usable by other operating systems.

  1. ICNS, usable by Macintosh users
  2. PNG, usable by Linux users

By the way, the archive is now paradoxically compiled using 7z format from 7zip, because of its better compression ratio.

Version 1.1

01.  Version 1.0

Started around September 2004, the Crystal GUZ set contains mainly icons for archive or compressed files which can be associated with UltimateZip and primarily drawn from original patterns designed by Everaldo Coelho, in this well-known Crystal set.

As supplement, the collection is completed with two bonus icons —for the SIT and the XPI formats— and a small toolbar, involving some Crystal icons, to be used with the above archive management sofware.


Crystal GUZ 1.1
This release contains 18 different icons, including the following variants:
— 1. ICO format (16×16 · 32×32 · 48×48 pixels)
— 2. ICNS format (16×16 · 32×32 · 48×48 pixels)
— 3. PNG format (16×16 · 32×32 · 48×48 pixels)
Download the 7Z file (363,87 Kio)